At HO SOCCER we can proudly say we have some of the best palms in the market. Tested by top professionals, the Elite models of the brand have a wide variety of palms that have a great grip in both dry and extreme conditions. An important aspect in the HO SOCCER gloves is that we take into account the balls with which professional keepers play and the fabric with which they are created. This aspect can cause the grip of the glove to vary, depending on the material of the ball. In HO SOCCER we have this aspect in mind, to adapt to any change so that our goalkeeper gloves are adapted to all the climatic conditions of the terrain, but also to the ball with which it is played.

New latex formulation with excellent properties which result in a high-level palm that will cover the needs of the most demanding goalkeeper in any type of terrain, both in grip and cushioning. This palm will also provide an extra grip on wet ground, since it has been thoroughly tested in extreme humidity conditions, adapting perfectly to the grip level on the latest types of balls and playing surfaces.